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Roz is an exceptional voice teacher. When I came to her, I was set on having a speech-level singing (SLS) instructor. I was a bit unsure at first because she doesn't specifically teach SLS, but I knew I had found the right person after the first lesson. While other teachers have made me feel uncomfortable about singing in front of a stranger, Roz made me feel instantly right at home. I felt like I had known her for years and didn't care what crazy noises she heard me make (those weird exercises really do help!). I put all of my faith into her and will never regret it. Roz incorporates elements of SLS instruction into her teaching, but overall she has an amazing and unique teaching style that is incredibly effective. My voice has made leaps and bounds in the time we've worked together and I've been able to do things I never thought possible.


Roz will never try to force you to become someone you aren't. She always pushes me to explore different styles and genres, but she definitely understands that everyone is unique and has to find their own style of singing. She will teach you to sing in EVERY style, so the whole world of vocals is open to you. And Roz is SO much fun to work with. Every lesson is a blast.


Some voice teachers have a tendency to make it seem like they care more about getting their payment at the end of the lesson than actually teaching their students. That is absolutely not the case with Roz, who has true passion for what she does and shows genuine love and care for each and every person she teaches. Roz is certainly the best voice teacher around and I would recommend her to absolutely everyone who is interested in singing. She has taught me that ANYONE can sing with the right instruction, and she is, in my opinion, simply the best instructor anyone could have!



-Emilee Moyce,

Singer Songwriter

Tressa Spingler, Nashville

Working with Rosalind was a joy. She was both rigorous and professional, and playful and inventive in her approach to voice training. She tailored lessons to my specific needs and I learned so much while having great fun at the same time. I wholeheartedly recommend Roz to anyone who would like to learn more about themselves and their Voice.


Susan O'leary, Radio Producer