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ArcSong Voice Studio

San Luis Obispo   805/801-2814

I had been singing for four years and thought that I had reached the physical limit of my range.  There were songs that I simply had to put aside because I could not hit the high notes.  And then came Roz.


Upon the first few lessons I had with Roz, I noticed something very unique about her.  Her genuine personal interest in her students.  She personalized the lessons for me by stripping my songs to bits and perfecting them line by line, and in some cases, word for word.  Along with this personalization were exercises that she developed from my current voice state to help me achieve freedom and tonal quality.  She even came out to see me live to offer her professional advice.  All of the lessons take place in a comfortable studio where each lesson is digitally recorded and emailed back to you before you even arrive home!  


Since I started with Roz about a year and a half ago, I have not only increased my range by an octave and a half, but I have developed better diction, tone, placement, and a well balanced mixed voice.  I even have more confidence singing my own originals because she helped me convey the emotion of every word and every vowel to a point where I am completely connected with the song.  I can't thank Roz enough for the progress that I've made over the past year.  So if you're a singer who's looking to get that "edge"...Roz is your guide to delivering excellence.


Best regards,


Sanden C. Gocka

Sanden Gocka, Singer Songwriter


I don't think I have told you how much I appreciate you. Your skill amazes me every time I walk through the door. It isn't just your singing skill that astounds me, but also you warming attitude. You allow me to forget everything and create an in the moment environment. I can see how much better I have become with you as my teacher. I love that you noticed, on the first day, I'm a visual person. I love your little pictures and you always trying to make new techniques easier with visual aides. You. Are. Amazing. I cannot even begin to describe how much more confident I am with you by my side. I have learned so much about my singing potential and myself in general. Thank you for always making me feel welcome when I walk through your door. Everyone I see who walks into your office begins with a smile and ends with a smile. You have a lasting impact on everyone you touch. Thank you for being you and teaching with an open heart and soul!


With all my love,


Sara Alvarez, Actress

Los Angeles, CA