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Roz has been a good friend of mine for about 3 or so years now. Throughout those years, not only has our friendship grown, but also so has my voice. I am a Cal Poly Vocal Performance graduate and in my post-graduate years, Roz helped give me a voice--in more than one way. I struggled much to believe in myself and the power of my individual voice as a performer and as a blossoming adult, but Roz never gave up hope. When I had plateaus, Roz still did everything she could to help keep me feeling encouraged. I recently gave my first solo recital and I can honestly tell you that without Roz's love and support and phenomenal wisdom, my recital wouldn't have been as successful and moving for me and my family as it was. I have had many voice teachers and have been studying professionally for about 7 years now, but I can confidently say that Roz has been the best teacher money can buy...if money could buy a great friend, teacher, and role-model. There is a way to free your voice and Roz is the one to help you do just that. Thank you, Roz. My voice and confidence in it have been unleashed! Xoxoxox