ArcSong Voice Studio

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Jessica Quant

Singer / Actress

Santa Maria, CA

I've always really enjoyed singing, but I had never pursued any formal training.  My boyfriend surprised me with voice lessons with Roz.  What an amazing birthday present!  From the beginning, Roz has made me fall in love with singing even more!  Every time I finish a lesson with Roz, I walk out with not only an improved voice, but a lifted spirit as well.  Roz is encouraging, knowledgeable, and energetic.  She is very professional in that she is always punctual, understanding of schedule changes, and never hesitates to spend extra lesson time with me when she can.  


I would recommend Roz to anyone who wishes to improve their voice. 


Roz helped me recover my voice with one session after 9 mos. of inability to sing the notes in my passagio. Later lessons have improved both the speaking and singing quality of my voice. 


Roz works quickly. She knows the voice and what specific exercises you need. As long as you do her exercises you will reach your

highest potential.


Martha Jensen, Integral Therapist

Santa Barbara, CA

We came to Roz because we enjoy singing together and wanted to gain confidence, improve our voices and have some fun at the same time.   As it turns out, Roz has been just the right fit for us.  We are receiving all that we hoped for and more.  Roz not only makes our lesson fun, but she hears what we need to work on and gives us so many different ways to improve our voices.  She even records our sessions and gives us personalized exercises to work on during the week.  She is a wealth of information and knows her subject well. Her teaching skills are excellent and she is so positive.  She is extremely personable, encouraging and easy to work with.  We are both so comfortable with her and felt this within the first few minutes we met her. Our voice lessons with Roz continue to be our gift to each other.  We recommend her highly to anyone who wants to improve their singing be it just for fun or professionally.  We always leave her lessons uplifted, energized and inspired.